• Doç. Dr. OZAN ŞEN

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Swallowable gastric balloon procedure. No need anesthesia, no need endoscopy

Balloon procedure this is the last strand yeah balloon ellipse no endoscopy no need anesthesia this is a very small capsule and we open it now it's like a drug huh yes like it's connect with a very small teen line and then we checked under the x-ray the balloon's position then we insulate it is the liquid yes what is the uh property of this liquid yeah we have a 97 percent of cellular physiologic and the three percent of uh some enzymes special enzymes after the four months it generate the balloon uh itself yes and go through the natural orifice from the rectum. Let's start now we are checking the position of the balloon this is the arc yes and the line now we are starting to insulate we increase the pressure and then open the lines there is no kink in the balloon we can understand it from there water is very good going inside the stomach we finished the insufflation checked under x-ray again the balloon position the position is perfect everything is normal okay.